Pumpkin Pie! Great fall soap, made with pumpkin seed oil.

Handmade & unique artisan soaps made with nature’s best ingredients!


About Lakehurst Farms

Fruity Loops Soaps. These would make an excellent choice for party favors!

Custom Orders Available!

Specialty Soaps To Transform Your Mood!

Your sudsy escape from the everyday is in each bar of soap  I create! 

Handmade Soaps. These  puppy and kitty soaps were scented in Blue Lotus. A great fragrance for anyone!

Locally Owned In Isle La Motte, Vt

People sometimes ask if I actually "make" my soap. The answer is: YES. From start to finish, this soap is 100% handmade - by one person, in fact... Me!

All Natural Avocado Cold Process Soap made with Lime Essential Oil.

Why Lakehurst Farms Soaps?

All my soaps are made with care and expertise from start to finish. I love creating my tiny pieces of art, and seeing the joy on everyones face when they see what I have made!  I make all my soaps myself and in small batches. I'm a one person small business, I have been doing this for over 5 years. I enjoy all the aspects of formulating, designing, creating, and presenting a soap that is conditioning, skin-loving, smells good, feels great, and looks beautiful. I believe my soaps are all unique and I would love to share them with you! Please be my guest and browse my shop and see all the different handcrafted soapy works of art!


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Featured Products

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